Conservation International Japan Design & Branding Book, 4 by Dentsu Inc. Tokyo, DLX inc.

Book, 4
The Design & Branding titled Book, 4 was done by Dentsu Inc. Tokyo, DLX inc. advertising agencies for Conservation International Japan in Japan. It was released in Mar 2018.

Book, 4

Credits & Description

Client: Conservation International Japan
Media: Interactive
Alternative title: THE SUSTAINABLE IoT BOOK
Agency: DLX inc. / BIRDMAN INC.
Country: Japan
General Producer: Daima Kawamura (DLX inc.)
Creative Director / Planner: Reietsu Hashimoto (dentsu inc.)
Web Art Director: Junya Hoshikawa (BIRDMAN INC.)
Web Director: Youichi Kanazawa (kaibutsu inc.)
Web Designer: Yoshihiko Abe (BIRDMAN INC.)
Illustrator: Gabriel Shiguemoto (BIRDMAN INC.)
Illustrator: Miki Kudo (The Elves and the Shoemaker.Co.,Ltd.)
Programmer: Yasuo Hasegawa (KAPPUKU INC.)
Programmer: Wataru Sumita (3DAL INC.)
Production Manager: Iku Ando (BIRDMAN INC.)
Coordinator: Matt Lyne (DLX inc.)
Book Director: Masaya Abumi (Butter Inc.)
Technical Producer: Takashi Fujimoto (DGN inc.)
Photographer: Motoki Nihei (Amana inc. PARADE)
Photograph Producer: Takashi Okamoto (Amana Inc.)
Hardware Engineer: Takashi Suzuki (Multra inc.)
Hardware Engineer: Yuki Anai (non-classic inc.)
Film Producer: Takeharu Hanokizawa (TYO INC. Camp KAZ)
Film Producer: Yoshiaki Ishigaya (TYO TECHNICAL RANCH)
Advertiser: Subaru Matsukura (nue inc.)
Advertiser: Yoshimi Fujita Client
Supervisor: Asako Isobe (Conservation International Japan)
Published: March 2018
Currently one species in seven of wild birds, a barometer of the preservation of our social environment, is in danger of extinction from human activities. The extinction of each wild bird species destroys part of the ecosystem, significantly impacting the social environment. For example, in India, the extinction of vultures triggered an outbreak of rabies. Conservation International, which carries out social environmental conservation under the keyword sustainability, is using the world's most
prevalent bird, Twitter, to set up a project to improve the social environment while saving wild birds, and has released the world's lightest WebGL site and an IoT-adapted illustrated book using Twitter's design method. The site and book allow users to donate money, in accordance with their use of Twitter, using $Cashtags. Those who wish to quit or take a break from Twitter can donate their Twitter account for a certain period to help spread the word.