Gevalia Design & Branding GEVALIA - WANNA FIKA? by Landor New York

The Design & Branding titled GEVALIA - WANNA FIKA? was done by Landor New York advertising agency for subbrand: Gevalia Coffee (brand: Gevalia) in United States. It was released in Jan 2012.


January 2012
January 2012
Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Creative Director

Credits & Description:

Category: Consumer Products

Advertiser: KRAFT FOODS

Product/Service: GEVALIA


Director Of Design/Innovation: Peter Borowski (Kraft Foods)

Senior Design Manager: Sharon Gunzburg (Kraft Foods)

Creative Director: Dale Doyle (Landor)

Associate Design Director: Daniel Seol (Landor)

Client Managerassociate Client Director: Dave Ball (Landor)

Client Manager: Andrew Whitelaw (Landor)

Senior Director/Design Realisation: Anne Reid (Landor)

Senior Technical Designer: Ed Sarge (Landor)

: Suzy Hendriksen (Freelance)

Creative Director: Kevin Breen (True Action)

Executive Creative Director: Dave Clemens (Taxi)

Media placement: Visual Identity - Marketing Materials - 1/1/2012

Describe the brief from the client

To reposition and redesign the Gevalia brand for its first ever launch into North American retail markets.

Describe the challenges and key objectives

After a deep dive into Swedish design and coffee culture, we knew Gevalia needed to be simple, authentic, with a little quirk, and whole lot of ‘fika’.

Describe how you arrived at the final design

We leveraged Gevalia's 150 years of experience and Swedish heritage to create a clear point of differentiation in the crowded, premium coffee category. This work quickly became the springboard for the advertising agencies to bring additional richness to the brand’s Swedish heritage by asking America to set aside their typical cup of Joe for a warm ‘cup of Johan’, and ‘fika’ to their heart’s content.

Give some indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The launch of Gevalia had to be pushed forwards 6 months because there was such a high demand from retailers and excitement around the launch.