O2 Design & Branding Oh You People - Vinyl Edition, 2 by Kolle Rebbe Hamburg

Oh You People - Vinyl Edition, 2
The Design & Branding titled Oh You People - Vinyl Edition, 2 was done by Kolle Rebbe Hamburg advertising agency for O2 in Germany. It was released in Aug 2016.

Oh You People - Vinyl Edition, 2

Agency:Kolle Rebbe Hamburg
Industry:Mobile Communications
Media:Design & Branding
Released:August 2016

Credits & Description

Agency: Kolle Rebbe Gmbh
Brand: Telefónica/o2 + Naughty North
Country: Germany
Production Company: Xxx
o2 collaborated with artist duo “Naughty North” on a limited edition record. The covers of the series, comprising 3x400 records, were photographed by artist Antoine Geiger and directly present social isolation behind mobile screens. The images depict people growing isolated in front of their displays, as if they were “losing their identities in the non-place of technology” (Geiger). The 3-vinyl set was used for a nationwide club promotion and distributed to existing and potential new customers.