WORK Agency DM, Promo, Design & Branding Deformed, 6 by WORK

Deformed, 6
The Direct marketing titled Deformed, 6 was done by WORK advertising agency for WORK Agency in United States. It was released in Jan 2016.

Deformed, 6

Credits & Description

Agency: Work
Client: Work
Art Director Wu Jia Wei
Artist Masaho Anotani
Copywriter Abigail Tan
Design Director Theseus Chan
Designer Ernest Ho Lyla Soh Wu Yanrong Mak Yu Jing
Image Manipulator Judith Lange Reiner Motz
Production Designer Stefan Hartmann
Production Manager Bernard Fischer
Publisher Gerhard Steidl
Writer Masaho Anotani
Design Agency Work
Production Company Steidl Publishers, Germany
Account Director Andie Ngoh
The magazine was formed through sourcing for a way to design with the idea of not designing, in collaboration with young artist, Masaho Anotani and German master printer, Gerhard Steidl. The book mimics the box containing Masaho’s artworks, which was shipped to WORK. The publication retains the folders and file sequencing as provided from Tokyo, keeping the final work as close to the artist's original vision as possible. The aim is to retain the beauty of the artworks as they are and evolve the publication naturally, where the process itself is brought to centre stage at the core of the work.