KYMCO Outdoor Kymco, 3 by Acw Grey Tel-Aviv

Kymco, 3
The Outdoor Advert titled Kymco, 3 was done by Acw Grey Tel-Aviv advertising agency for KYMCO in Israel. It was released in Jul 2015.

Kymco, 3

Agency:Acw Grey Tel-Aviv
Released:July 2015

Credits & Description

Creative VP: Tal Riven
Creative director: Eran Talmor
Art directors: Yossi Even Kama, Karin Gross
Copywriter: Yael Koren
Supervisor: Lior Gilad
Account manager: Bat-Hen Masasa
Attached ACW-GREY's new Outdoor ad for Kymco.
In the middle of 2015, Tel Avivians were surprised to find out their lives were about to change due to the start of the light train constructions. The best alternative for the anticipated traffic jams was obviously the scooters, for us at Kymco it was a golden opportunity to stand out as the best transportation option. We inserted a real Kymco scooter inside a large glass box with the headline "Brake in case of emergency", in a central junction next to the center of the light train constructions.