Alfa Print Mars by Team collaboration

The Print Ad titled Mars was done by Team collaboration advertising agency for Alfa in Egypt. It was released in Jan 2018.


Agency:Team collaboration
Industry:Household maintenance & pet products
Released:January 2018

Credits & Description

Category: Industrial, Agriculture
Media: Print
Brand: Alfa
Geo: Egypt
Creative Director / Art Direction: Hesham Ali
Creative Director / Copywriter: Sarah Eweda
Published: January 2018
People need to start saving energy for a better future!
Alfa Led candle bulb consumes only 5 watts of electricity and yet provides an equivalent of 25 watts! It’s now time for people to start saving energy by using led bulbs instead of traditional ones.
We wanted to create a campaign that shows that these bulbs are the future. And what says future more than a baby…or even the creation of one! So we designed two visuals that show the light bulbs looking like sperms. In one visual a white bulb is flying to earth, and in another a yellow bulb is flying to mars, highlighting that they have white and yellow led bulbs! With the line that says: For a better tomorrow
For a brighter tomorrow