Cadremploi Print Change Your Job, Quit, 2 by Glory Paris

Change Your Job, Quit, 2
The Print Ad titled Change Your Job, Quit, 2 was done by Glory Paris advertising agency for Cadremploi in France. It was released in Oct 2018.

Cadremploi: Change Your Job, Quit, 2

October 2018
March 2020

Credits & Description:

Communication and Editorial manager: Vincent Montfort
Marketing Manager : Julien Nique
Art Director : Vanessa Lawson
Head Cadremploi Marketing: Emilie Conty
Cadremploi Brand Manager: Camille Le Guilloux

Co-founders & création managers: Hugues Pinguet, Arnaud Le Bacquer
Art director: Gabriel Bonnefond
Copywriter: Alexis Dupuis, Suzanne Lauriou
Commercial manager: Jean-Baptiste Herman
Customers manager: Agathe Vernet Granger
Social Media Manager: Thomas Demard
Project manager: Meriem Bouthiba

Thomas Raffoux

Production: Pixies Films
Director: Maxime Giroux
Producer: Remy Badan
Producer: Guillaume Denecker
Sound Producer: Interference
Published: September 2018
Are executives happy? Even though happiness remains a personal matter, professional life influences necessarily the personal one. In a full employment and « war of talents» context, executives get the possibility to ask themselves the right questions, they get the chance to consider other professional horizons and get the power to choose their employers. That is the message Cadremploi wishes to address to executives through their new signature « Have the ambition to be happy » and its powerful communication campaign executed by Gloryparis that handles with humour resignation and its benefits.
To carry this message, Cadremploi decided to be assisted by the agency Gloryparis.
 «We know what we’re talking about since every time we’ve been unfortunate, we decided to take a position and resign so we can be happy somewhere else.», declared Arnaud Le Bacquer, Co-founder of the agency Gloryparis.
Cadremploi, assisting executives since 28 years, evolves with a new signature aiming to remind them on the degree of their personal growth. A permanent contract, a good salary and responsibilities are often assimilated to a successful professional career, but sometimes it’s not enough to make a person happy. Stress, reaching goals, extended schedules, overwork, bad ambiance... professional discomfort can take many forms and have a serious impact on each person’s personal and familial life.
Most of the time, this feeling is translated by a simple desire for leaving more than taking action: 54% of executives say they are open to opportunities* but only 8% of them will change their position this year. However, the executives’ job market has never been doing as well as today: Barely 3,5% of unemployment rate and companies that have difficulties at finding their talents.
Therefore, Cadremploi wishes to awaken the waiting executives so that they realize that happiness is also a professional ambition that can come true with a new fulfilling position, that is in harmony with their personal expectations.