Fosbury&Brothers Print Listen to the Girlz by Fosbury&Brothers Parana

Listen to the Girlz
The Print Ad titled Listen to the Girlz was done by Fosbury&Brothers Parana advertising agency for Fosbury&Brothers in Brazil. It was released in Mar 2018.

Listen to the Girlz

Agency:Fosbury&Brothers Parana
Industry:Public awareness
Released:March 2018

Credits & Description

Category: Public Interest, NGO
Media: Print
Client: Fosbury&Brothers
Agency: Fosbury&Brothers
Geo: Brazil
Advertising Agency: Fosbury&Brothers, Cascavel, Brazil
Copywriter: Jamile Erdmann
Producer: Dhyellen Peloia
Art Directors: Felipe Tozo, Andrei Viega
Published: March 2018
We got together to shout: that's enough! And the world will hear us.

For a long time I was put in mute.
And even the anguish of not being heard kept me quiet.
For a long time they spoke for me.
Finally I could talk, but something was still wrong.
Because even if I screamed, my voice still sounded like a whisper.
And little by little I strengthened my voice.
Then I spoke and I was heard, but they still did not listen to me.
Neither my “no” nor my fear.
Neither what I want nor my capabilities.
I have been silenced, discredited, ignored.
Not anymore.
Now, even tired, I decided it's time to shout it out.
Shout all i know.
Shout all i am.
I'm going to make noise. I'm not alone anymore.
And the world will hear, because we have a lot to talk about.
The female voice has gained power year by year, on every achievement. And the next one, will be to equate our voices.
Listen to the girlz