Adesf Film, Digital The voice of cigarette by Neogama

The Film titled The voice of cigarette was done by Neogama advertising agency for Adesf in Brazil. It was released in Apr 2016.

The voice of cigarette

Media:Film, Digital
Released:April 2016

Credits & Description

Smoking can increase by 40% the chance of laryngeal cancer.
And there is still people who thinks is cool to brag about smoking on Twitter.
This could be an excellent opportunity to warn about this serious problem, specially to young smokers. Neogama selected tweets that talk about smoking and asked to volunteers who lost their larynx because of cancer to read them. Then, we replied those tweets to their respective authors.A surprising and powerful way to get the attention of young smokers.
Media: Interactive
Category: Health & safety
Client: ADESF / Association for Smokers Awareness
Agency: Neogama
Production: Guts and Films
Country: Brazil
Campaign file: Download campaign file
Director: Guilherme Petry
Chief Creative Officer: Alexandre Gama
Creative Director: Fabio Mozeli
Creative Director: Márcio Ribas
Art Director: José Pedro Bortolini
Art Director: Sávio Hatherly
Art Director: Gabriel Marcondes
Art Director: Luis Paulo Gatti
Copywriter: Pedro Rosas