Aimé Film Cogs by M&C Saatchi Sydney

The Film titled Cogs was done by M&C Saatchi Sydney advertising agency for Aimé in Australia. It was released in Dec 2016.


Agency:M&C Saatchi Sydney
Production Agency:Zeilt Productions
Industry:Charities, Foundations, Volunteers
Released:December 2016

Credits & Description

Charity: AIME
CEO: Jack-Manning Bancroft

AGENCY: M&C Saatchi Sydney
Worldwide Chairman: Tom Dery
Executive Creative Director: Michael Canning
Creative Director: Andy Flemming
Copywriter / Art Director: Curt McDonald
Copywriter / Art Director: Chris Brailey
Lyrics: Andy Flemming
Executive Producer: Loren August
Chief Strategy Officer: Justin Graham
Strategy Director: Rachel Kimber
Senior Account Director: Laura Stevenson
Account Manager: Stephen Mesa
Designer/Illustrator: John-Henry Pajak
Integrated Designer: Chi Yusef
PR: Naomi Rheinberger and Jonathan Seidler
Former CCO: Andy DiLallo

Agency: ZEILT productions
Director: Laurent Witz
Animation Director: Mickael Coëdel
Production Assistant: Joane Degive
Creative Assistant: Ghayth Chegaar
Composers: Olivier Defradat and Clément Osmont
Singer: Marion Pejon
Sound Design: Adrien Navez
Sound Mixer: Mathieu Cox

Background Modelling: Laurent Beghin, Thierry Claude,
Pierre Gilles, Aurélien Pira, Théo Rambur, Yann Vlamynck, Quentin Peyssonneaux, Frédéric Wedeux
Compositing: Aurélien Pira, Laurent Witz, Rémi Bruschini
Background Texturing: Pierre Gilles, Yann Vlamynck, Cyril Bossmann, Fabien Weibel, Kevin Cole-Zagradsky, Camille Haumont, Laurent Beghin

Paint Over: Pierre Gilles, Yann Vlamynck
Character Modelling: Laurent Beghin, Quentin Peyssonneaux, Aurélien Pira, Ghayth Chegaar, Frédéric Wedeux
Character Texturing: Quentin Peyssonneaux, Cyril Bossmann, Pierre Gilles
Matte Painting: Guy Gérard Blanc, Pascal Thiebaux, Kevin Cole-Zagradsky
Layout: Frédéric Wedeux, Kevin Cole-Zagradsky
Colour Research: Cyril Bossmann, Ghayth Chegaar, Jérôme Gillet, Nicolas Leroy
Design: Cyril Bossmann, Ghayth Chegaar, Jérôme Gillet, Pascal Thiebaux, Florian Ratte
Storyboard: Jérôme Gillet, Pascal Thiebaux
Background Texturing: Cyril Bossmann, Fabien Weibel, Yann Vlamynck, Pierre Gilles, Kevin Cole-Zagradsky, Camille Haumont, Laurent Beghin
Lighting: Cyril Bossmann, Camille Haumont, Aurélien Pira, Fabien Weibel
Rendering: Cyril Bossmann, Camille Haumont, Aurélien Pira, Fabien Weibel
Background Creation Supervision: Ghayth Chegaar
Animation: Ghayth Chegaar, Louis Renard, Sarah Sutter, Jean-Loup Comby, Mickaël Coëdel
Technical Supervision: Rémi Bruschini
Rigging: Théo Rambur
Renowned Australian charity organisation, AIME, has launched worldwide with a unique film crafted by creative partner, M&C Saatchi Sydney, and directed by Academy Award winning director Laurent Witz and his team at ZEILT productions.
The powerful launch film was a year in the making and illustrates the unfair system our world is built upon. The story is set in a giant machine city. The film showcases how the city is designed to favour some, while others become workers in its forgotten engine. The hero of the film realises this unfairness, acts upon this realisation and empowers change.
AIME is currently looking for ten young people globally, including in the US and UK, to set up the AIME program in their chosen university to start helping under privileged children in their communities through mentorship.
These ‘Golden Tickets’ will allow AIME to share its remarkable Australian success and fight for a fairer and more equal world.
Twelve years ago, AIME was founded by Jack Manning Bancroft, a young aboriginal man with a dream of bridging the inequality gap through education. Jack’s incredible drive and vision has seen his charity change the lives of tens of thousands of underprivileged children across Australia and Jack himself be awarded Young Australian of the Year.
Shockingly, the average of Indigenous kids in Australia finishing school is 61.5%, with only 42% going on to tertiary studies. Those who receive assistance from AIME are more likely to complete their studies with the numbers at 87.9% and 74% respectively.
Jack’s remarkable dream isn’t just working. It’s changing things for the better. And now, he’s taking his vision worldwide.
CEO and Founder Jack Manning Bancroft said: “If we want to change the world, we need to change the way it works. Inequality is an epidemic. The richest 1% of the population have accumulated more wealth than the rest of the world combined. AIME allows everyone around the world to play a part in changing this broken system. Our programs are crafted with the power and resources to improve the lives of millions of people globally. I’ve seen the change for twelve years and have no doubt that this program can and will change the globe. It’s time for the mentors to rise.”
M&C Saatchi’s Worldwide Chairman, and Chairman of the AIME Board, Tom Dery said: “The opportunity for M&C Saatchi to work with such a fabulous organisation is indeed very rare, particularly when our teams can help such an important cause as what AIME stands for. The fact that one of the leading animators in the world was prepared to devote his organisation’s services to such a degree just highlights the passion everyone involved has for this project."
M&C Saatchi’s Group Creative Director Andy Flemming said of the film: “In these truly troubled times, it’s humbling to be part of a group of truly visionary people who want change the world through absolute positivity. AIME have taken thousands of kids who were on the path to unemployment, gangs (or worse), and through mentorship showed them the path to a better world. It was their simple vision to heal a broken society that attracted Laurent Witz and his incredible team to the project, and almost a year later, their beautiful film has brought AIME’s mission to life. We couldn’t be more proud of it.”
AIME has proven success in bridging the gap between privileged and under privileged Australians through mentorship. University student volunteers are partnered with under-privileged high school students in a mentor relationship. This relationship encourages the high school student to see the opportunity to achieve graduation and reach post-school education, training and employment.