Puma Film, Case study The 9'58 Biography - Case Film by BETC São Paulo

The Film titled The 9'58 Biography - Case Film was done by BETC São Paulo advertising agency for Puma in Brazil. It was released in Apr 2019.

Puma: The 9'58 Biography - Case Film

April 2019
June 2020
Chief Creative Officer
Executive Creative Director
Creative Director


New York Festivals Awards 2020
Artistry & Craft in AdvertisingDesignSilver
DesignBrand DesignSilver
Clio Awards 2019
DesignPublishing & Printed MaterialsSilver
Cresta Awards 2020
Print DesignBrochure/PublicationGrand Prix
CraftCraft Campaign (any media)Gold
CraftOutstanding Art Direction (print)Shortlist
D&AD Awards 2020
IllustrationEntire BookWood Pencil
Art DirectionArt Direction for DirectShortlist

Credits & Description:

Client: PUMA Brazil
Advertising agency: BETC São Paulo
CCO: Erh Ray
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Siqueira
Creative Directors: Alexandre Kazuo, Lucas Ribeiro
Art Direction and Illustration: Alexandre Kazuo, Lucas Ribeiro / Copywritter
Brand & Business Team: Camila Nakagawa, Giovana Degen, Camilla Steiman
Channels and Engagement VP: Carlinha Gagliardi
Strategy Director: Agatha Kim
RTV Production Team: Mariane Goebel, Anna Ferraz
Graphic Production Team: Gilmar Souza, Carlos Valeriano, Plínio Junior
Production and Editing Company: CEGO
Graphic Company: P+E
Director: Daniel Levenhagem
Executive Production: Maria Reser
Production Coordinator: Julia Jubileu
Photography: Victor Ponce, Genga Estúdio
Designer: Diego Brito, Daniel Levenhagem / Edition
Audio Production Company: Squad
Music Production: Gustavo Boralli, Dario Forghieri, Hans Zeh / Executive Production / Sound Engineering
Account: Zi Nammur
Event Conception: Versão Beta
Country: BRAZIL
Date of Release: 2019-04-01
Notes: Puma was one of the first brands to believe in the athlete Usain Bolt, even before he became a legend.
In 2009, Usain Bolt broke the 100m world’s record and made history. But behind this incredible mark, there is a lot of sweat, training and effort. In 2019, ten years later, we wanted to tell this story, showing an angle that few people know. A tribute so outstanding as the world's fastest man.
We created a book, not a normal book, a book as fast as the fastest man in the world, a flip book with his biography in it, showing an animation of 9.58s, recreating the iconic race. Literally, step by step, the whole story behind the race.
The Bolt’s biography features 224 illustrated pages. Each of them represents one frame out of all frames from the 9.58 seconds of the 100m world record. All of the 224 pages have a different design, which relates specifically to the text that is written there. That is why they all bring unique typographies, thought and created to be different and draw attention to the text.
The book was delivered during an event to a hundred of athletes, fans and race influencers. Best of all: Usain Bolt himself came to the event April 4th, 2019, and received the book and the tribute to him.