Ubisoft Film Choose Life by DDB Paris

The Film titled Choose Life was done by DDB Paris advertising agency for Ubisoft in France. It was released in Oct 2018.

Ubisoft: Choose Life

October 2018
March 2020

Credits & Description:

Agency¬†:¬†DDB¬į Paris‚Ä®
Advertiser : Ubisoft

Clients account managers : Geoffroy SARDIN, Guillaume CARMONA, Clément PREVOSTO, Valentin MEYER

Agency account managers : Marie-Elise ARCHAMBAUD, Olivier GUILLEROT
Game advisor : Alban 404

Strategic planning : Sebastien GENTY, Dominique CASTELLANO‚Ä®
Creative Executive director : Alexander KALCHEV

Art director : Alexandre LAGOET

Copywriter : Stephane KACZOROWSKI
Head of TV Production : Corinne PERSCH
TV production assistant : Laurie DELAHAYES
Post-Producer¬†: J√©r√īme DEPLATI√ąRE

Production : STINK
Director : TRAKTOR
Director of photography : Linus Sandgren
Executive producer : Greg PANTEIX
Line producer : Jeanne-Marie DE LA FONTAINE

Film editor : Joe GUEST -Final Cut London
Post-production / FX : Mikros- Stéphanie MOLLET
Supervision VFX : Franck LAMBERTZ, Jao M’CHANGAMA
Color Grading : MPC London - Jean-Clément SORET / Matthieu TOULLET.

Sound design and mix : Patch ROWLAND 
Audio Producer : Laura HARRIS
Audio Post Facility : Machine Sound London
Studio son ISDN :¬†Martin SUMEIRE ‚Äď THE
Voice Over : Jay TAYLOR
Published: September 2018
You don’t choose to be a hero. It’s your choices that make you one.
The latest instalment of Ubisoft‚Äôs Assassin‚Äôs Creed franchise - Assassin‚Äôs Creed Odyssey (launch on October 5th) ‚Äď takes players on an epic journey in Ancient Greece, inviting them to forge their destiny. It is up to you ‚Äď the player ‚Äď to choose which of the many paths you will take through this rich world that constantly evolves around you. But as the Oracle of Delphi would say ‚Äď be warned ‚Äď each choice you take will have its consequences.
Alexios, descendant of the legendary spartan general Léonidas will have to make choices, if he wants to survive the violence, conspiracies and power struggles that are in full force 431 years BC.
Created by DDB Paris and directed by the directing collective TRAKTOR, the launch film of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is an homage to Trainspotting and its famous opening scene which takes apart the consumer society and the pressure it puts on the choices of individuals.
The words of Irvine Welsh and the iconic ‚ÄúLust for Life‚ÄĚ song by Iggy Pop lose none of their impact as they are transposed to the heart of Ancient Greece. On the contrary, they create a spectacular and explosive contrast, while remaining as relevant as always.
Welcome to 2427 before Trainspotting. Let us reassure all the die-hard fans: do not fret ‚Äď there won‚Äôt be a washing machine, neither an electrical tin opener in the game, yet you will become a rebel who is 2427 before his time and who will go against what society, Gods and his own family tells him what to do.