Ubisoft Film The Baptism [2:17] by DDB Paris

The Film titled The Baptism [2:17] was done by DDB Paris advertising agency for Ubisoft in France. It was released in Mar 2018.

Ubisoft: The Baptism [2:17]

March 2018
March 2020


Clio Awards 2018
Film Technique (Cinematography)Product/Service: CinematographyBronze
Film Technique (Direction)Product/Service: DirectionBronze
Kinsale Shark Awards 2018

Credits & Description:

Brand: Ubisoft - FARCRY5 / Playstation
Agency: DDB Paris
Executive Creative Director : Alexander Kalchev
Art Director : Alexandre Lagoet
Copywriter : Stephane Kaczorowski
Agency Supervisor : Marie-Elise Archambaud, Laetitia de Camas
Resident Gamer: Alban 404

Planner : Sebastien Genty, Dominique Castellano
Agency Producer : Sophie Megrous
Post-Producer : Toby Ridgway
Client Supervisor : Geoffroy Sardin, Guillaume Carmona, Camille Aneas, Alexia Brume
Production Company : HENRY
Producer : Jean-Luc Bergeron
Production Director : Yannick Dupas
Director : Martin De Thurah
Director of Photography : Khalid MOHTASEB
Editing: Mikkel E G NIELSEN/ Antoine Varreille
Post-production Supervisor : Sébastien Gros
Post and Sound Production : Schmooze / Ballad
Producer : Gregoire Galian
Sound editor : Sylvain Rety
Post Production Image, VFX et Mastering ‚ÄstMikros MPC
Production Director : Fabrice Damolini
Executive Producers : Malica Benjemia & Quentin Martin
Supervisors: Thomas HAAS & Mickael Girod
FX Graphic artist: Vincent Audineau
Nuke Artist: Randy Gudin
Flame Artist: Jao M'Changama
Coordinator: Antoine Bory
Remote Grading: MPC London
Carlibration: Jean-Clément SORET
Director of Colour Production: Ellora Chowdury
Published: February 2018
For the launch of FARCRY5, DDB Paris dispenses Joseph’s bad words.
Hitchcock would say ‚ÄúThe more successful the villain, the more successful¬†the picture‚ÄĚ.
A good video game is like a good movie: it needs a good bad guy. And a bad guy is someone with a history. In Far Cry 5, the villain is called Joseph Seed. He is the prophet of the Eden’s gate church in Montana.
Joseph has a very precise mission in this life: save 3000 souls before the end of the world. Whether they want it or not.
Filmed in the style of a full-length film ‚ÄúThe Baptism‚ÄĚ plunges us at the heart of one of the initiation rites of the cult.
A compulsory purification washes the disciples of their former life and let them enter an existence devoted to Joseph, the only one capable to save them from the Apocalypse.