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Advertising in the Market

Advertising is a great part of modern market. It is a powerful tool for promoting and selling goods and services. National cultures and traditions in art, business, and relations are different in various countries. Advertising industry is not an exception. It has its own peculiarities caused by realities of life, market demands and mentality.

Advertisements produced in different countries have their own character and manner. Watching a commercial or a poster you can often guess in which country it has been produced.

Traditional Differences of Ads in the World

The USA is a leader in many spheres of activities including advertising. It is an example to many, it is followed and learnt by. American advertising is laconic, precise and understandable. It is ideal from the point of view of canons, rules and principles of advertising industry.

Canada advertising resembles American one due to close location. However, it is more marginal, associated with commercials of Viagra from Taxi Toronto agency. For example, a successful commercial of Dove “Evolution” from Ogilvy Toronto a small video with virus effect.

English humor is understandable not to all - the same goes with British advertisements which are of high quality, exquisite, intelligent, cinematographic characterized by huge budgets.

If America is a birth country for copywriters, France is a country of artists. French ads are concise, colorful, rich in images like the country itself – romantic and esthetic.Ads in Germany are logic, presenting facts and arguments instead of emotions and feelings. Figures and characteristics are carefully checked supported by high quality visualization and design in printing and commercials. German ads makers can surprise.

Ads in Holland are something between German and English ones. Among most famous ad agencies are 180 Amsterdam and Weiden + Kennedy Amsterdam, creators of ads for Adidas and European market of Coca Cola correspondingly.

Ads in Ireland – not long ago this state has been presented by one advertising player - Irish International BBDO. Now the situation has changed. Ireland ads are not wide in scale but in works of ads agencies you can feel national soul.

Brazil commercials are not very creative. Print ads are in favor in the country. Posters are made here on a high level – bright, colorful, and full of life like Rio carnival. Creative agencies of Brazil regularly win international ads festivals.

Though closely located to Brazil ads in Argentina are very different - also emotional and colorful but at the same time have a tense plot. Traditionally they are in paste palette, not bright and dimmed colors.

Ads in South Africa are characterized by philosophy combined with sense of humor and joy for life. Ads makers understand social problems and human troubles in the country. Their clients are mostly financial and oil companies.

Indian advertising is more prosaic compared with masterpieces of Bollywood. More like Brazil type. TV commercials are not as famous as printing ads – the latter are impeccable.Japanese creativity differs from everything else. The center of the ad is the image filled with deep meaning and philosophy.

However sometimes Japanese advertising is absolutely crazy. A western man can hardly understand it. There is an opinion that Japanese ads are dangerous for psychological health of man.

The share of advertising in the world’s market is huge. Ad agencies Dentsu, Hakuhodo и Asatsu, enter the top 10 of the world.

Thai ads are even crazier that Japanese. Here works Thanonchai Sornsrivichai - one of the mostly awarded ad maker.

Character of advertisement in each country is dictated and determined by the state market demands and national cultural traditions.