Beeline Print Bee In Touch, 3 by Leo Burnett Moscow

Bee In Touch, 3
The Print Ad titled Bee In Touch, 3 was done by Leo Burnett Moscow advertising agency for Beeline in Russia. It was released in Jun 2020.

Beeline: Bee In Touch, 3

June 2020
June 2020
Senior Copywriter
Art Director
Art Director
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Credits & Description:

Client: Beeline
Agency: Leo Burnett
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Moscow, Russia
Senior copywriter: Evgeniy Podergin
Copywriter: Sergey Belozerov
Art director: Yulia Grezina
Art director: Elizaveta Matveeva
Designer: Evgeniy Kuprin
Media agency: Starcom
Media planning director: Irina Makarova
Media group head: Alisa Sorokina
Media planner: Anastasia Baranova
Senior human experience strategist: Roman Kazihanov
Digital team lead: Yuri Guzhavin
Country: Russia
Published: June 2020
Beeline, a Russian telecommunication company, together with Starcom and Leo Burnett Moscow created a communication service to save bees.
According to the UN reports, insect pollination of plants is an example of an ideal connection. Up to 2/3 of crops that feed the World depend on this essential ecosystem service. But every year, this connection is getting weaker. One of the main reasons is pesticides. To protect their crops from vermin, farmers treat fields with toxic chemicals and unintentionally harm the bees - those, who provide pollination - vital for their plants. Farmers don't know how many apiaries surround their fields and beekeepers don't know when and where the farmer will start the next pesticide spraying. Since the problem is the lack of communication, it should be fixed by those who specialize in it.
Beeline, one of the largest telecom companies in Russia, in cooperation with Leo Burnett Moscow and Starcom has developed a free communication service Bee In Touch. Together with experts in farming and beekeeping, they have developed a simple and user-friendly solution. Now all a farmer planning to treat crops has to do, is to just push one phone button. A special algorithm provided with massive data about fields and apiaries geolocation will evaluate the number of apiaries in danger and send a notification to their owners.
Extensive public dialogue around our campaign attracted the attention of the government and the main agricultural regions of the country. So, the long-awaited first version of the federal beekeeping law was finally proposed to the Parliament. Now it includes new communication standards between beekeepers and farmers. Bee In Touch platform is considered to be a part of the process. And since the extinction of bees is a challenge not only for our country, we will create a free guide, which includes our service source code to help other countries to protect their bees in the future.