BRAC Print Tasmin by Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong

The Print Ad titled Tasmin was done by Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong advertising agency for BRAC in Hong Kong SAR China. It was released in Oct 2018.

BRAC: Tasmin

October 2018
March 2020

Credits & Description:

Category: Public Interest, NGO
Media: Print
Brand: BRAC
Agency: Ogilvy
Geo: Hong Kong
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Asia, Hong Kong
Chief Creative Officer: Ajab Samrai
Production Company: Outsider / London
Director / Photographer: Dan Nathan
Producer: Nick Sutherland-Dodd
Editors: Cut & Run / London
Music: Tent Reznor, Atticus Ross
Sound: Jungle Studios
Post Production: Jogger Studios
Published: September 2018
Rohingya Girl Aged 11
Miles Walked 480
Tasmin's village was razed to the ground and all the men were slaughtered. The women and children were marched to the beach where the women were buried up to their necks in the sand while the tide came in. Tasmin escaped and walked for 16 days to the safety of the refugee camps in Bangladesh. A small donation at will help rebuild their life. #SpaceOnEarth
BRAC, the world’s leading NGO and the largest civil society responder to the humanitarian crisis involving the Rohingya, today announced that Texel Foundation is supporting them with a campaign to raise awareness and funds to ease the plight of the Rohingya children who have fled their homes amidst violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. Almost 1 million Rohingya were forced to flee the violence in their homes a year ago, seeking refuge in neighbouring Bangladesh. An estimated 500,000 of these refugees are children, currently living in desperate conditions in the largest refugee camp on earth, situated on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. The children arrived traumatised and malnourished, and are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, many of them suffering mentally and physically from the atrocities they have experienced. BRAC estimates that US$56 million funding is needed for its humanitarian progamme on the ground - for shelter, hygiene and healthcare, drinking water, food and proper nutrition, vaccination and learning centres. US$26 million has been raised to date. But another US$30 million is needed, especially with the ongoing monsoon season putting many of the makeshift homes in the refugee camp at risk and bringing new challenges for the displaced communities. To mark one year of the forced exodus, Texel Foundation will launch their campaign for the Rohingya children. More than just driving awareness and fundraising, the video and print series created by Ogilvy will give the refugee children a voice for the first time. It delivers a core message - #SpaceOnEarth – that in a world as big as ours, there surely must be a safe place the Rohingya children can eventually call home. Through the video the children tell their stories, their hopes and dreams for a future that allows them to live in peace.