McDonald's Print 1 Dirham Coin. 1 Dirham Cone. by Fortune Promoseven Dubai

1 Dirham Coin. 1 Dirham Cone.
The Print Ad titled 1 Dirham Coin. 1 Dirham Cone. was done by Fortune Promoseven Dubai advertising agency for McDonald's in United Arab Emirates. It was released in Mar 2018.

1 Dirham Coin. 1 Dirham Cone.

Agency:Fortune Promoseven Dubai
Market:United Arab Emirates
Industry:Fast food
Released:March 2018

Credits & Description

Media: Print
Category: Food
Agency: FP7/McCann Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Creative Director, FP7/DXB: Kartik Aiyar
Senior Art Director, FP7/DXB: Wayne Esslemont
Regional Head of Strategic Planning, FP7/DXB: Tahaab Rais
General Manager – Business Unit, FP7/DXB: Tarek Ali Ahmad
Senior Account Executive, FP7/DXB: Faissal Shaar
Account Manager, FP7/DXB: Yara Berjawi
Strategic Planning Manager, FP7/DXB: Moushami Bhattacharya
Senior Retoucher, FP7/DXB: Amit Borawake
3D Designer, RAKS Press services, Sharjah: Imran Ahmed
The UAE has innumerable ice cream vendors scattered across every part of the country, catering to ever-changing trends, flavours and tastes, to entice customers. Our task was to remind people about the one thing that has remained unchanged throughout the years, the incredible value of McDonald's simple yet delicious 1 dirham ice cream cone.
FP7/McCann, Dubai, looked to equate the McDonald's ice cream cone with something that's just as iconic and that has similarly remained unchanged over the years and found their inspiration in the UAE 1 dirham coin.
Specifically, in the simple graphic element of the number 1 in Arabic, on the UAE 1 dirham coin. It was the perfect way to demonstrate the simple joy people can experience courtesy the incredible value of McDonald’s simple yet delicious 1 dirham ice cream cone.
The Arabic number ‘Wahid’, i.e. ‘1’ in the UAE 1 dirham is very artistic and graphically-rich. To depict how the iconic McDonalds ice cream cone is available for only 1 dirham, we transformed the numeral ‘1’ on the UAE 1 dirham coin into a McDonald’s ice cream cone, while retaining the artistic and graphically-rich look and feel; depicting how that delicious ice cream cone would cost people only 1 dirham.