Veja Print Cover by DM9DDB Sao Paulo

The Print Ad titled Cover was done by DM9DDB Sao Paulo advertising agency for Veja in Brazil. It was released in Mar 2018.


Agency:DM9DDB Sao Paulo
Released:March 2018

Credits & Description

Agency: DM9DDB
Geo: Brazil
Brand: Veja
Published: March 2018
Magazine was with two covers and a manifest about its role on behalf of truth.
This week’s issue of VEJA came with a brand new editorial action against the fake news that took over social media. In partnership with DM9DDB, the campaign seeks to alert about the damages that fake news can bring to democracy, freedom of expression, and to society as a whole.
The magazine was printed with two covers. In addition to the real cover, another one, on the back cover and upside down, featured fake news already seen on the internet. The fake cover has a caricature of Facebook founder and CEO saying “Brazilians have ruined Facebook,” followed by the question “Do you know the truth about the phrase attributed to Mark Zuckerberg that went viral on the internet?” In three internal editorial pages, this and other fake news were reproduced, and sources that published lies in the digital universe were identified.
VEJA also ran an ad created by the agency titled See if this is true, with a manifest about the magazine’s role on behalf of truth.