Volkswagen Print Abbey Road with Park Assist, 6 by DDB Stockholm

Abbey Road with Park Assist, 6
The Print Ad titled Abbey Road with Park Assist, 6 was done by DDB Stockholm advertising agency for Volkswagen in Sweden. It was released in Sep 2019.

Volkswagen: Abbey Road with Park Assist, 6

September 2019
October 2020
Art Director
Chief Creative Officer


Cresta Awards 2020
Ambient And ExperientialAmbient campaignGold
Ambient And ExperientialAmbientGold
Print, OohPrint adGold
The ‘wish We’d Thought Of That’ AwardTHE ‘Wish we’d thought of that’ AWARDGold
CraftHumour (any media)Gold

Credits & Description:

Title of Entry: Abbey Road with Park Assist
Brand: Volkswagen
Product/Service: Automotive
Client: Volkswagen
Entrant Company: Nord DDB Stockholm
Creative Agency: Nord DDB Stockholm
Title of Piece: Abbey Road Vinyl Cover Comparison
Title of Piece: Print Ad on the day of the Abbey Road 50th Anniversary
Title of Piece: DOOH
Title of Piece: Campaign Website/Webshop
Title of Piece: Abbey Road with Park Assist – Beatles Museum Exhibition
Title of Piece: Print Ad
Art Director: Anna Salonen
Designer: Mikael Norberg
Copywriter: Anna Salonen
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist
Account Executive: Maja Björklén
Account Manager: Linda Lonaeus
Date of Release: 2019-09-26
Photographer: Olof Ringmar, Mandarin
Notes: Volkswagen corrects one of the world's most iconic parking fails and reparks the 5th Beatle on Abbey Road to highlight Park Assist technology.
In 1969, a Volkswagen Beetle was wrongly parked on Abbey Road. Sadly, the parking mishap ended up on one of the world’s most iconic album covers. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Abbey Road, Volkswagen released a limited edition vinyl cover. But this time, with a perfectly parked 5th Beatle.
The tribute highlights Park Assist, a parallel parking assistant that automatically parks the car – a feature that was obviously not available 50 years ago. Volkswagen dropped the Reparked Edition in record stores and online, selling out in 2 hours and 19 minutes. All proceeds were donated to BRIS, a children’s rights organization.
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Other Credits: Creative Lead: Simon Higby
Other Credits: Social Media & Content Manager: Jonas Eriksson
Other Credits: Studio Copy: Per Sundin
Other Credits: PR Director: Susanne Johansson
Other Credits: Faktor: Anna Lisspers