McDonald's Radio Dead Chicken [video version] by Fortune Promoseven Beirut

The Radio ad titled Dead Chicken [video version] was done by Fortune Promoseven Beirut advertising agency for McDonald's in Lebanon. It was released in Feb 2018.

Dead Chicken [video version]

Agency:Fortune Promoseven Beirut
Industry:Fast food
Released:February 2018

Credits & Description

Category: Food
Media: Audio
Brand: McDonald's
Agency: FP7
Geo: Lebanon
Advertising Agency: FP7/BEY, Beirut, Lebanon
Managing Director: Emile Atallah
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Karim Kazan
Art Directors: Rosy Mouallem, Elie Fakhry, Ribale Rayess
Regional Head of Strategic Planning: Tahaab Rais
Senior Brand Planner: Carl Bou Abdallah
Account Director: Salim Fayed
Account Executive: Petra Berbari
Published: February 2018
McDonald’s, Lebanon’s leading fast food retailer, wanted to promote its new Chicken Wraps. But towards the end of the year, budgets were typically low and competition was high. So, we used radio – a cost-effective mass-media channel in Lebanon.
Conventional radio wouldn’t be enough. We needed to disrupt the radio ads that people heard in their cars, at homes, or in their offices, making them pay attention to McDonald’s Chicken Wraps. We chose a popular music genre in Lebanon: Rap music. And created “The Chicken Raps” to promote the Chicken Wraps ;)
3 unexpectedly delightful rap songs - titled Soul Chicken, Old School Chicken, Dead Chicken – disrupted the category and the radio ad apathy, earning attention for McDonald’s Chicken Wraps from all listeners across Lebanon. And as “The Chicken Raps” were hummed by everyday people on the streets, the Chicken Wraps became the hottest selling item from McDonald’s during the campaign.