"#TheresMoreToMum" Film by Littlehawk Film #TheresMoreToMum by Littlehawk

The Film titled #TheresMoreToMum was done by Littlehawk advertising agency for in United Kingdom. It was released in Mar 2020.


Credits & Description

Agency: Littlehawk
Advertising Agency: Littlehawk, UK
Geo: United Kingdom
Published: March 2020
Sometimes when you’re a mum, it feels like that’s all you’re seen as by your children. Not as a person rich in history with hidden talents and giant dreams. Mums know everything about us. But how much do we really know about them?
At notonthehighstreet, we believe happiness comes from making real connections and creating conversations that deepen relationships. So this Mother’s Day, we’re encouraging people to remember #TheresMoreToMum - beyond what she does, and celebrating the incredible woman she is. Because she’s not just a mum. She's a mum and then some.