Samsung Film, Digital #MeanestMonsterEver, 1 by Cheil India

The Film titled #MeanestMonsterEver, 1 was done by Cheil India advertising agency for Samsung in India. It was released in Sep 2020.

Samsung: #MeanestMonsterEver, 1

September 2020
October 2020
Chief Creative Officer

Credits & Description:

Client: Samsung
Advertising Agency: Cheil India, Gurgaon, India
Senior Executive Creative Director: Aneesh Jaisinghani
Copywriter: Aneesh Jaisinghani
Creative Director (Copy): Kumar Saurabh
Associate Creative Director (Art): Mohd. Tanweer Alam
Group Head (Art): Harsh Shinde
Associate Creative Director (Art): Neha Battoo
Chief Creative Officer: Emmanuel Upputuru
Country: India
Published: September 2020
Samsung’s Galaxy M51 with it’s industry redefining features is the boldest, fastest, biggest and brightest M phone ever. So we decided to call it the 'MEANEST MONSTER EVER'. To do justice to this fantastic product we had to do something that would change the way communication is done in the mobile phone category. Thus we came up with the idea of creating a character, a monster called Mo-B, a celebrity persona who challenges the M51 to a series of face-offs to prove who deserves the ‘Meanest Monster Ever’ title. The campaign also uses celebrities in a unique way where they join team Mo-B as he goes to battle against the Galaxy M51. Stay tuned to find out who takes the coveted title!