Swedish Tourist Association/ Stf Film, Digital The Swedish Number [video] 3 by Ingo Stockholm

The Film titled The Swedish Number [video] 3 was done by Ingo Stockholm advertising agency for Swedish Tourist Association/ Stf in Sweden. It was released in Oct 2016.

Swedish Tourist Association/ Stf: The Swedish Number [video] 3

October 2016
October 2016


D&AD 2017
PRMulti-Market CampaignGraphite Pencil

Credits & Description:

Agency: Ingo Stockholm
Client: The Swedish Tourist Association
Sweden is known for being an open country where people can speak their mind. And in the year 1766 Sweden was the first country in the world to abolish censorship. So during the anniversary 250 years later, when the Swedish Tourist Association wanted to make more people curious about Sweden, they decided to give the control of the image of the country to the Swedes themselves. As the first country in the...

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