Volkswagen Film Sorry by STV DDB Milan

The Film titled Sorry was done by STV DDB Milan advertising agency for Volkswagen in Italy. It was released in Jun 2020.

Volkswagen: Sorry

June 2020
July 2020

Credits & Description:

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: DDB
Advertising Agency: DDB, Milan, Italy
Country: Italy
Published: June 2020
Volkswagen launched an exceptional offer on a series of models, that includes 3 financing’s tranches paid, maintenance and health insurance. An incredible deal for everyone. Well, almost everyone. Because right now there are 5 astronauts on the ISS and they are the only ones who can’t take advantage of the special offer. From this, the idea of creating an apology campaign addressed to the astronauts which, at the same time, reminds everyone else that this offer is now available on Earth.