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Creative Circle 2017

London, UK

Phone: +44 20 7636 1223

Creative Circle is a literal circle. A cycle, encompassing all the creative talent in the UK’s communications industry. We reward the people at the top and encourage them to help the people at the bottom. And predominantly, we do this in two ways: First, as an awards body run and judged by creatives. Recognising and showcasing great ideas, fresh thinking and craft. Second, as an education body, run and developed by creatives. With inspiring workshops, enlightening talks, and new initiatives for those starting out. Eventually, the people at the bottom become the people at the top. With the circle complete, the cycle continues. Out with the old. In with the new.

Special Awards:

GOLD NEW TALENT - Best Up and Coming Female Commercial Film Director 2017 - Vicky Lawton

GOLD NEW TALENT - Best Up and Coming Male Commercial Film Director 2017 - Zak Razvi

GOLD NEW TALENT - Most Promising Female Creative Newcomer 2017 - Josephine Shedden

GOLD NEW TALENT - Most Promising Male Creative Newcomer 2017 - Oliver Frost

GOLD COMPANY - Champions of Creativity 2017 - 4creative

GOLD COMPANY - Most Creative Post Production Company 2017 - MPC London

GOLD COMPANY - Most Creative Production Company 2017 - RiffRaff Films   

GOLD COMPANY - Most Creative Agency 2017 - AMVBBDO

GOLD PRESIDENTS - Presidents Award 2017 - 4creative



GOLD OF GOLDS  - Gold of Golds - AMVBBDO - (SCA Bodyform)

GOLD OF GOLDS  - Gold of Golds Stinkfilm - (SCA Bodyform)